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CDC urges public to get flu shot by end of October

Barb Hunt

Sick woman

The CDC on Sept. 7 recommended all individuals six months and older receive a seasonal flu vaccine, ideally by the end of October. According to Becker’s Hospital Review.

5 Flu Facts

  1. You CAN NOT get the fly from the fly vaccine.
  2. The Flu is worse than a ‘bad cold’, in fact the flu is a very serious, highly contagious disease.  It affects the respiratory tract (lungs, throat and nose) but it can also cause secondary complications and attack other organs in the body.
  3. Children are 2-3 times more likely to develop influenza then adults.  This is due to their less  developed immune system.  The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older should get vaccinated against the flu every year.
  4. The flu virus tends to spread from October to May, you can get vaccinated anytime during that ‘flu season’ to protect yourself.
  5. The flu vaccine is not 100% effective in preventing the flu, however the flu vaccine has been shown to reduce the risk of flu illness by up to 60% (Families Fighting Flu)

The flu is not fun.  It can cause hospitalizations and even death and at the very least knock you out of your life for at least a week.  Check with your local doctors office or local pharmacy to schedule your flu vaccine today.

Sick woman
The Flu is no fun, don’t forget to get your flu vaccine today.

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