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Did you know 63% of employees say that health care benefits make them feel more loyal to their companies?

Barb Hunt

Sitting around a table talking

That means choosing a health care plan for your business is about more than just costs. It’s about attracting and retaining top talent by offering quality benefits. In fact, after paid time off, health care benefits are the most important consideration for job seekers.2

Deciding on a health care plan can be easier with the free Kaiser Permanente Health Care 101 e-book. It details many things you should consider before making decisions about health benefits.

Health Care 101
In addition to giving you information on how to compare plans, the Health Care 101 e-book provides:

  • Seven things every business owner should know about health care
  • Valuable steps for choosing a health care provider
  • Keys to understanding the difference between individual coverage and group coverage
  • Definitions of important health terms

Get your Health Care 101 Book today – free!  Just provide your email address.Sitting around a table talking

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