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Barb Hunt

Barb Hunt

Benefit Broker

Barb Hunt has been in the health insurance industry for 25+ years.  She started her own agency, Insurance Benefit Connections, Inc. in 2003, and has been working in the small group (50 or fewer employees), individual health, dental & vision insurance, and also in the Medicare Supplement markets.  She is well versed and is a very dedicated person who believes in providing clients with outstanding service.

She has been in Colorado since 1966 living in various cities throughout the state.  She moved to Colorado Springs in 1988 and raised 2 children and now is a grandma and loving it.  She and her husband Anthony were married in 2008 and he has been employed at Pikes Peak Community College since 2007.  Anthony has 2 children also and 2 grandsons.  Together they enjoy living in Colorado and spending time with family & friends.

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